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Cervical Screening Awareness Month

Cervical Screening


You should have regular smear tests between the ages of 20-70 years if you have ever been sexually active.


To have a Cervical Smear


Ring for a Nurse appointment

See your GP

If you are Under 25 years I’ts FREE. If you are over 25 years check with the nurse to see if you qualify for a FREE smear test.


Why it’s important


A cervical smear test is a well health check and enables early detection of abnormal cells which can lead to cervical cancer.


Cervical cancer is caused by certain types of HPV, a common virus passed on by sexual contact.


Most people will come in contact with HPV during their sexual life.


Most HPV infections clear themselves, but high risk types can lead to abnormal cell changes.


Cervical Cancer is the most preventable of all Cancers.


There is a new test which screens for high risk HPV. If you have had a previous high grade abnormal smear you can have this test and if negative your smears can be taken at longer intervals not every year.


Is your smear test current?


Please check with your doctor or practice nurse.